Jenz Carli Event Consulting looks to explore the fullest meaning of what it means to plan an event.  We want to help everyone that we can plan events because we believe in the power of people coming together.  Whether it’s  your daughter’s wedding or simply a house party we look to assist people in organizing the details for any event.

We strive to offer numerous services that help people get a handle on logistics.  We recognize the distinct needs of different events.  No two events will be that same.  This uncertainty is what hinders many people from creating a truly spectacular experience.  Jenz Carli wants to offer diverse services that enable everyone to engender that special event with confidence. After all, you’re never just celebrating your brother’s birthday, your friend’s new baby, or your company’s first year, you’re celebrating the community of family, friends and colleagues that make it all worth it.

This blog will be a story. It will be a story that tells the tales of events. Feel free to join us and collaborate with us as we tell people’s stories and seek out the best moments in life.

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