Since we love bringing people together to create beauty we started getting into photo shoots. We find photographers, or they find us, and we find a theme a create a world around it!

We try and bring together as many vendors and collaborators as possible. We all go in together, ante up with our respective crafts and then the pool is a great set of photos that show off our abilities.

The best part is that these styled shoots aren’t about the money, but the creative process. There are few things in life more inspiring than people joining their passions to create something wonderful.

These pictures are some that we took today. The first is a shot of an old mill in Newtown Square, PA. The Newtown Square Historical Society runs this house from the 1740s! They do weddings (if you’re wondering) and our contact Jim is very accommodating!

(check out their site here:

The second picture is so inspiring! It’s literally an aisle of trees but I couldn’t help but see a beautiful wedding ceremony happening right there. The trees act as a natural awning that cut the sunlight as it lands in slices on the grass that softly carpets the ground. We’re not even sure who owns it as we got lost and accidentally happened upon it but just another adventure! We do however know its near the Haverford, PA dog park, which in its own right is a beautiful place.

We’ll be posting more pictures from other location scouts so stay tuned…

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