Planning any event can be hectic. There are numerous variables to keep track of and making sure that you enjoy the party while planning it is perhaps the most difficult part.

This problem of trying to enjoy the experience and executing it is solved by a Day-of-Coordinator. This is an individual or team that comes in on the day of the event to make sure that it all goes off with out a hitch. Perhaps most often brides will seek out the help of a DOC as no bride wants to worry about too few chairs or not enough alcohol when they walk down the aisle. A DOC acts as a buffer.

This person does not even need to be a professional but especially with weddings it becomes increasingly important that the event is perfect, the first time. Someone who is not emotionally invested in the event the same way a bride is or a family would be will have an exponential effect. Even if its just a birthday party or anniversary, having someone else take care of the details can put a mind to ease.

The larger the event the more possibilities there may be of something going wrong or being subject to human error. When someone’s sole purpose is to solve problems and make the event look and feel amazing it will. When anyone’s attention is divided between being in the event and creating the event their attention is divided.

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