The Venue – A Representation of You!

Choosing a location for your wedding is the first step to your planning process – it is the foundation to which you build your event.  When searching for your site it is important to pick something that reflects you: your space is a reflection of your personality.  Are you looking for a rustic barn look?  Or perhaps you want to get married at the beach?  What is your unique style?

Some questions to ask yourself when finding your perfect space:

– Do you want to be indoors or outdoors?  Or how about a blend of both?

– Are you going to dance the night away?  Do you want your dance floor to be in the dining space?  Or perhaps a separate ballroom?

– What type of music will you be having?  Live band?  Or perhaps a DJ?

– Is your venue inclusive?  Will they provide the tables, chairs, linens?

The above questions are essential in finding your perfect space – never settle!  Click below to check out the article “Just Engaged: Find Your Reception Venues” on WeddingWire.

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