JenzCarli-46It all started early October, chatting in the car on the way home from a bridal show.  We were speaking of how we wanted to do other events, other than bridal shows, to  showcase our work as well as the work of other wedding professionals. We had done one other styled shoot in the past, but we dreamed of going bigger.  It is funny how things work, because it was then that we received an email from a photographer whom we had never met – Juliana Laury.  In her message she explained how she was looking to do a styled shoot and gave us a glimpse into her own vision – a vintage dress which was her Great Grandmother’s from the 1920′s. Through the email correspondence we could sense Juliana’s excitement, and were eager to meet!   And so, we were off to Panera Bread (soon to be our regular meeting spot).  Upon our arrival Juliana was carrying an old, tattered box –  and out emerged a very old dress.  It was beautiful, but had definitely lived a full life – one full of memories and happiness.   Juliana was so passionate and had a vision for this dress;  it radiated from her.  Her excitement was contagious!  The dress, which had some obvious wear and tear, was soon to be transformed into something magical.   And hence began the mapping out of the vintage styled shoot…


The first big challenge was finding a model to fit the dress – and we must be honest, we were concerned.  When it was first tried on the model it was unfitted, see-through, and you could see the tears quite visibly.  But we were determined to make this work!  And so, we put the dress aside as we knew we would figure out a way for it to work, and began to find the other vendors.

As time went on we slowly began to find vendor after vendor who bought into the vision and shared the same excitement as Juliana, Jens and I shared.  One by one the vendors were discovered…first we found our make-up artist – Casey Dickerson from I do Hair and Makeup; and let me just tell you, she was fabulous!!  She was able to transform the already beautiful Laura Diestler into a 1920’s model.  Along with her came our hair stylist – Jennifer Macrina from Happily Ever After Hair.  Jennifer was amazing – the hair style she created was a work of art!  These ladies made Laura look like she just walked out of a 1920’s wedding magazine.

juliana laury makeup 2                                                juliana laury the hair 2




Next we found the florist – Fresh Designs Florist who went above and beyond what we expected by creating an absolutely gorgeous head piece for Laura to wear.  On top of that they also created the beautiful bouquet (which we also used later as part of the centerpiece) and a boutonniere.




Throughout the entire process we were on the hunt for the perfect venue – we wanted something that had a classy, older look. Then we remembered Radnor Hunt…it was beyond perfect.  Jens and I had visited it a few weeks prior to the styled shoot for a wedding we are doing in March – we knew that the space would be just perfect for the elegant look we were going for.  The rich classic furniture added a nice touch to the 1920’s look.




As time went on we began to realize that we would need a designer – and so we began to look for someone to do a classy tablescape.  We soon came up on Sage Catering, and Dana and Liz were the perfect team for the job.  They put together a work of art on the table, complete with champagne and everything!  These ladies are artists!  Not only do they do gorgeous tablescapes, but they are also caterers as well!

 sage 3

sage 4       sage 3


After all of these vendors were found, we came back to the dress…what could we do with it to hide those tears?  To glam it back up a bit?  This is when I stumbled upon Sabrina Anne with Once Worn and Never Worn Bridal.  She generously provided us with lovely vintage jewelry for the model to wear as well as some gorgeous broaches to pin together the tears.  This coupled with a fluffy mink scarf we had did just the trick.  Just minutes before the photographs were to be taken we pinned the dress together and wrapped around the scarf and voila!  It was GORGEOUS!!  Juliana and I were both completely in shock and were in complete excitement.  We will never forget that moment!

       Juliana-Laury-Photography-Styled-Shoot-8  Juliana-Laury-Photography-Styled-Shoot-9


Stay tuned as I will be doing featured blog posts on each of the vendors listed below!

VenueRadnor Hunt
Photographer: Juliana Laury Photography
Makeup: I Do Hair and Makeup Weddings, Casey Cowan
Hair: Happily Ever After Hair, Jennifer Macrina
Table Design: Sage Catering
Jewelry: Sabrina Ann Once Worn and Never Worn Bridal
FlowersFresh Designs Florist
Event Consulting: Jenz Carli Event Consulting


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