There are any number of reasons to have a party. Weddings, birthdays, new jobs, retirements are all great reasons and common. However, sometimes its just nice to throw a house party. This may be simply to get people together or perhaps acknowledge the change of the seasons or a milestone for living in house and with a community of people. Ultimately you don’t need a reason to throw a house party, just a good story.

Perhaps the best house parties can be found in F Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby. Recently the film also came out and with it came this renewed imagination of the parties that happened at Gatsby’s.

No house party needs to be such a big production but it never hurts to be known as the one on the block that throws great parties. Its worth noting that there is a difference between great parties and wild, loud parties. Usually the latter description comes from the nearby and uninvited,  so always invite your next-door neighbor.

It is true, throwing a great house party can be difficult. If there isn’t a single person or strong reason for having the event then it can easily flop. Questions of who to invite, what’s the point, or even what will happen at the party rightfully arise.

This is where good planning comes in. Universally the best parties create a world in which people enter as they arrive. What world will you create? Central ideas and purposes are what will hold the theatrics around the gathering together.

Maybe the purpose is that you have lived in the house for a decade. 10 years in a house is a milestone. You want to commemorate that with your friends, family and neighborhoods, people that you have lived with for all of those years.

Ask people to give you pictures and stories that you can have at the party for people to read and look back at. Retell the time everyone on the block played baseball until dusk. Let people who come know how they have impacted you (think positively, now). This will not only get people to come but also enjoy their time as they feel apart of the event; that they have in some way, with their life, acted in part of your story.

Having other activities for separate age groups is great, too – Adults, young adults and kids. Get people moving, if the weather is nice go outside and play games. Perhaps place pictures or other stations around the house for people to look at. Depending on how large the event is having a “family dinner” where everyone eats together at one table might be practical.

Throwing a good party is all about connecting people to the world you create. So what world will you create with your next party and how will you draw people in?

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