cupcakesChoosing a wedding dessert… piece of cake, right? Traditionally speaking, it should be. Wedding cakes have always been a staple in the post-wedding celebrations; but as we all know, times are changing and weddings are being less driven by tradition and more by preference. For 2014, the average cost for a wedding cake in the United States is estimated to be around $466 (Huffington Post). (Keep in mind, that’s an average). For many couples, saving money has become much more important than keeping up with tradition. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”… So maybe it’s more beneficial to consider a different dessert? Here is a list of wedding cake alternatives that will give your wedding a little something special for your guests and a little something extra in your budget!

  1. Candy bar 
    Shower your guests with an array of classic candy bars to choose from. This can even double as favors! Leave little baggies for guests to pack up some of their favorite chocolates and sweets! Candy can be expensive, but considerably cheaper when it’s bought in bulk!
  2. Pie buffet
    Pick a few pies or have an array to cover the table! Let guests pick a piece of pie rather than cake. The array of pie choices can make for an easy dessert to please a large group of people. This is a particularly good idea for fall and summer weddings!
  3. Assorted Cookies
    If you’re lucky, you’ll know a few people who will be willing to whip up a few batches of cookies for your dessert table. Find an array of cookie recipes or contact a baker about creating platters. Just as the candy bar, these cookies can also double as favors. Leave out little boxes or baggies for them to be taken with after the evening ends!
  4. Ice cream bar
    Who doesn’t love a good sunday? Offer simple ice cream choices like vanilla or chocolate with a large variety of toppings and sauces so guests can make a dessert particular to their preferences!
  5. Fair theme: Cotton candy and funnel cakes for a fun dessert
    This is a great idea for a whimsical wedding. An entire reception theme could be based off this simple idea to create a really unique evening for your guests!
  6. Cupcakes
    This is one of the most common alternatives to a wedding cake. One of the perks to having cupcakes rather than cake is the potential for variety. His and hers cupcakes allow both the bride and groom to have a piece of their individual preferences, while also allowing more flavors for guests to choose from!
  7. Cheesecake
    Depending on the size of the wedding, this might not be the cheapest option. However, if unique desserts is more of your focus than financial savings, this is a great option! Plain cheesecake with a toppings bar is a great way for guests to add their own flavoring to a classic dessert.
  8. Crepe cake
    Unique? Exactly. Crepes are great because they’re so versatile. They can serve as any meal or as a dessert. Crepes are great for healthy desserts. Offer the crepes and a fruit bar as a “create-your-own” dessert area! (Make sure you include a lot of Nutella and chocolate syrup for those guests with a real sweet tooth!) 
  9. Rice Krispie cake
    Plain and simple. It’s a great alternative to the wedding cake! The rice krispies can be in the shape of a towered cake and decorated like one as well! If you want to offer a little something extra, offer a few toppings like a chocolate fountain for dipping!
  10. Cannoli 
    Who doesn’t like a good cannoli? This is a great solution for smaller receptions.

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