What’s the point of having a guest book anyway? In ten years, what is a book full of names going to mean? Hopefully the people attending are significant enough to remember down the road, right? It seems like these traditional expectations trump logic – so the question arises: do we do away with the guest book and rely on our memory to recall the special people on our special day? 

Maybe you’re trying to escape the traditional wedding but you want to keep the object that a guest book symbolizes. Looks like it’s time for a makeover! Here are a few ideas to transform your traditional “sign-in” style book to something a little more usable and memorable. 

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 3.43.07 PM

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  1. Artwork: Recently, couples have been using their guest book as a way to add a bit of artwork to their future home. Different wedding sites offer canvases of unfinished art to complete with guest’s fingerprints. If you’re crafty or artistic, this is a simple project for a free afternoon – all you need is some paint and a blank canvas!This is an awesome solution to the traditional guest book if you’re looking to involve your guests but aren’t too particular on having a list of names.
  2. Encouragement book: If you’re going to collect information from the guests that joined you on your special day, you might as well make something of it! Chances are, you’re going to be spending the day with numerous happy couples. They may have been married for years, decades, or even just a few months. Figure out what their secrets are! Rather than having a book that they write their name in, provide small cards and ask them to write down an encouragement for your future or advice for keeping a healthy marriage. Collect all the slips in a basket and make a small book that can be looked through later!
  3. Photo Album: You might remember what guests were at your wedding, but there’s nothing like looking back at photos years later and remembering what those people looked in that time. Rather than having people sign a book, leave a Polaroid camera at the entrance of your venue to have couples or individuals photographed. They can sign their names on the bottom of the polaroid to be kept for later! This is fun for guests and leaves you with something tangible to keep and look through years later!
  4. Engagement Book: You’ve paid a lot of money for your photos and you’re going to want to use as many of them as possible. Thankfully, you have the opportunity kill two birds with one stone! You’re most-likely going to put your engagement photos into a book of some sort. Creating an engagement photo book online is a great way to develop printed pictures but it doesn’t have to stop there! Throw in blank pages or large boarders to create space for guests to write a small note and sign their name.

Whatever path you choose, having a guest book can be a great way to remember the people you celebrated your special day with – so take advantage of it! There are hundreds of different possibilities for DIY projects that can be found on plenty of crafting sites! So before you trash the tradition, try and transform it!

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