Photo: Weddingchicks.com

Instagram has come to play a very important part of weddings. Nowadays, no wedding seems complete without a clever wedding hashtag. Hashtags are beneficial because all of the photos that are Instagrammed at the reception or ceremony will be tagged to your own wedding hashtag. Here are a few tips for forming the perfect wedding Hashtag!

  1. Be unique! You need a hashtag that no other couple has used. The first step is looking at your names and forming a unique hashtag. This is important so that the hashtag will only feature pictures from your special day!
  2. Get Punny. Along with being unique, use puns! If your last name has the potential to be a pun, I say use it!
  3. Add the year. Adding the year will also help keep your wedding hashtag one of a kind.
  4. Check for availability. Before you confirm your wedding hashtag make sure there aren’t photos already tagged to this hashtag.
  5. Spread the word. Make sure that your guests know to tag their photos to your wedding hashtag. Having a sign at the reception is a perfect way to let those know exactly where to tag their pics!

              Photo: W+E Photographie

Weddingwire.com has created a wedding hashtag generator that can be super helpful! Click here for the link.

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