Having many friends can come with many responsibilities; like being a bridesmaid for multiple weddings. We know first hand that being a Bridesmaid can get pricey. After the dress, bridal shower, hair, makeup, shoes, you can blink and not realize how much money goes into standing next to your best friend on their big day.

source: The Wedding Chicks 

Luckily we have some solutions to make being a Bridesmaid a breeze.

1. Try to Rent your dress buying your bridesmaid dress can come with a cost. You all know this, but do you know about these websites that can help you save money by renting?

TRY: Rent the Runway, Vow to be Chic, or Weddington Way for information on how you can rent a bridesmaid dress!

2. Talk out that BUDGET it’s always a must to sit down with your fellow bridesmaids and discuss everything that goes into being a bridesmaid. By setting a budget early everyone can be on the same page as to how much money will go into the bridal shower, gifts, bachelorette party, you name it. It’s hard to talk about money sometimes, but it can be even harder scrambling for money later on.

3. DIY your hair and makeup a great way to save extra money is to give DIY a try. If you think you are capable of doing your own hair and makeup on that big day, give it a try! It will save you some money!

4. DIY your gift another shot at DIY could be for your gift. Everyone loves a nice homemade gift. Check out this pinterest board for some great homemade wedding gift ideas!

Being a bridesmaid is a fantastic honor. Don’t let money stand between you standing next to your best friend when she ties the knot! Try out these tips to save a few bucks while still having a blast and looking great!


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