More and more we are seeing brides have two Maids of Honors, or “co-MOH’s,” to stand next to them on their big day. This idea has been super helpful for brides who have a two best friends, a sibling as well as a BFF, the combinations are endless.
Being a maid of honor can be a large task with many responsibilities.  That is why co-MOH’s are a great idea so people can tag-team and have everything run smoothly (because isn’t that always the goal!?)

Having two maids of honor can take the pressure off of the planning, as well as giving two people you love the opportunity to stand by you as your maid of honor (win-win!) Sometimes when it comes to all the responsibilities of a MOH it’s best to divide and conquer.

So the choice is yours! It is a popular trend to pick two maids of honor to stand next to you and take on the role together, so if you can’t decide between BFFS or siblings don’t sweat it, you can have both!

And don’t forget to check out for even more information about how to reach the goal of a smooth-running wedding!



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