No bride is complete without her bouquet. We love all things flowers, but for those that want to change things up there are so many other alternatives to the normal flower bouquet that we would love to share with you!

1. DRIED FLOWERS this idea is PERFECT for a rustic/country wedding feel AND you can keep them forever! Check out The Artisan Dried Flower Co. for more ideas on how to score these beautiful bouquets!

Source: The Artisan Dried Flower Co. 

2. FELT BOUQUETS This idea is both fun and DIY! Felt can be used to create an amazing looking collection of flowers that anyone can use!

Check out how to DIY your own Felt Bouquet at Simply Turquoise

Source: Simply Turquoise

3. PAPER FLOWERS there are so many things you can do with paper. So why not create the bouquet of your dreams?! One look at these bouquets and you wouldn’t even think it’s paper! For more designs look at Lillie Syster for more information!

Source: lillesyster 


4. POM POMS crazy right? We aren’t kidding! Pom Poms are a great replacement for bouquets.

Source: Rock N Roll Bride

5. BURLAP BOUQUET This is another great idea for the rustic vibe. It’s so unique and fun! Check out how to get your own burlap bouquet at The Petal House

Source: The Petal House 

So no matter what flowers you use for your big day, there are tons of options!







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