WEDMERGENCY: A last minute emergency on the day of the wedding that no one could see coming, but could be solved with a little preparation. It also may be a word we just made up. 

Every wedding has a ceremony, reception, and inevitable emergencies. We have all heard horror stories before of last minute things going wrong and brides are regretting they never put together a survival kit for their wedding day.

Source: 36th Avenue

Here is a list of 5 things that would be important to pack to keep handy on your wedding day.

  1. SEWING KIT you never know when something will rip and you don’t want to be stuck scrambling to find a solution.
  2. MEDICINE because who wants to get a spur the moment headache or stomach pain? Having some Advil handy is always a good option.
  3. STRAWS smudged lipstick should never ruin a bride’s day!
  4. SUNSCREEN for weddings that are outside. You want to have a glow, but not be burnt to a crisp!
  5. WHITE CHALK weird right? But if there is a stain on the wedding dress you just can’t get out, mask it with white chalk. No one will know the difference!

You never want to run the risk of having a last minute wedding emergency. So make sure to prepare!



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