2 Planners are better than 1: Why you should Hire a Wedding Planner


Why should you bother hiring a wedding planner?

There are a multitude of reasons why you should have an extra set of hands helping you plan the big ceremony. Here are a few that might make you reconsider handling the load by yourself.

  1. STRESS: wedding planners are a great way to relieve stress for your big day. Their goal is the same as yours-that everything runs smoothly. Your main focus of the day is to say “I do” and have a perfect day. Let your wedding planner handle the stress.
  2. STICKING TO A BUDGET: A wedding planner is super helpful with making sure you stick to your budget and keep things according to plan.
  3. LETTING IT CONTROL YOUR LIFE wedding planning has its fun parts, but it shouldn’t be your full-time job on top of your already full time job. Splitting the work with your wedding planner can insure that planning won’t take over your life!
  4. THEY KNOW WHO TO TRUST being a wedding planner comes with knowing who the best vendors are. They know the best of the best and can give you recommendations on who to hire, and more importantly, who to not.
  5. THEY CAN HELP WITH YOUR VISION sometimes we have a vision, but don’t know how to properly execute it. Having a wedding planner can help you bring that vision to life!

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How to Prepare for a WEDMERGENCY: Wedding Survival Kit

WEDMERGENCY: A last minute emergency on the day of the wedding that no one could see coming, but could be solved with a little preparation. It also may be a word we just made up. 

Every wedding has a ceremony, reception, and inevitable emergencies. We have all heard horror stories before of last minute things going wrong and brides are regretting they never put together a survival kit for their wedding day.

Source: 36th Avenue

Here is a list of 5 things that would be important to pack to keep handy on your wedding day.

  1. SEWING KIT you never know when something will rip and you don’t want to be stuck scrambling to find a solution.
  2. MEDICINE because who wants to get a spur the moment headache or stomach pain? Having some Advil handy is always a good option.
  3. STRAWS smudged lipstick should never ruin a bride’s day!
  4. SUNSCREEN for weddings that are outside. You want to have a glow, but not be burnt to a crisp!
  5. WHITE CHALK weird right? But if there is a stain on the wedding dress you just can’t get out, mask it with white chalk. No one will know the difference!

You never want to run the risk of having a last minute wedding emergency. So make sure to prepare!


Not your average bouquet…

No bride is complete without her bouquet. We love all things flowers, but for those that want to change things up there are so many other alternatives to the normal flower bouquet that we would love to share with you!

1. DRIED FLOWERS this idea is PERFECT for a rustic/country wedding feel AND you can keep them forever! Check out The Artisan Dried Flower Co. for more ideas on how to score these beautiful bouquets!

Source: The Artisan Dried Flower Co. 

2. FELT BOUQUETS This idea is both fun and DIY! Felt can be used to create an amazing looking collection of flowers that anyone can use!

Check out how to DIY your own Felt Bouquet at Simply Turquoise

Source: Simply Turquoise

3. PAPER FLOWERS there are so many things you can do with paper. So why not create the bouquet of your dreams?! One look at these bouquets and you wouldn’t even think it’s paper! For more designs look at Lillie Syster for more information!

Source: lillesyster 


4. POM POMS crazy right? We aren’t kidding! Pom Poms are a great replacement for bouquets.

Source: Rock N Roll Bride

5. BURLAP BOUQUET This is another great idea for the rustic vibe. It’s so unique and fun! Check out how to get your own burlap bouquet at The Petal House

Source: The Petal House 

So no matter what flowers you use for your big day, there are tons of options!






To co-MOH or not to co-MOH

Source: weddingpartyapp.com

More and more we are seeing brides have two Maids of Honors, or “co-MOH’s,” to stand next to them on their big day. This idea has been super helpful for brides who have a two best friends, a sibling as well as a BFF, the combinations are endless.
Being a maid of honor can be a large task with many responsibilities.  That is why co-MOH’s are a great idea so people can tag-team and have everything run smoothly (because isn’t that always the goal!?)

Having two maids of honor can take the pressure off of the planning, as well as giving two people you love the opportunity to stand by you as your maid of honor (win-win!) Sometimes when it comes to all the responsibilities of a MOH it’s best to divide and conquer.

So the choice is yours! It is a popular trend to pick two maids of honor to stand next to you and take on the role together, so if you can’t decide between BFFS or siblings don’t sweat it, you can have both!

And don’t forget to check out carleyevents.com for even more information about how to reach the goal of a smooth-running wedding!


Bridesmaids on a Budget

Having many friends can come with many responsibilities; like being a bridesmaid for multiple weddings. We know first hand that being a Bridesmaid can get pricey. After the dress, bridal shower, hair, makeup, shoes, you can blink and not realize how much money goes into standing next to your best friend on their big day.

source: The Wedding Chicks 

Luckily we have some solutions to make being a Bridesmaid a breeze.

1. Try to Rent your dress buying your bridesmaid dress can come with a cost. You all know this, but do you know about these websites that can help you save money by renting?

TRY: Rent the Runway, Vow to be Chic, or Weddington Way for information on how you can rent a bridesmaid dress!

2. Talk out that BUDGET it’s always a must to sit down with your fellow bridesmaids and discuss everything that goes into being a bridesmaid. By setting a budget early everyone can be on the same page as to how much money will go into the bridal shower, gifts, bachelorette party, you name it. It’s hard to talk about money sometimes, but it can be even harder scrambling for money later on.

3. DIY your hair and makeup a great way to save extra money is to give DIY a try. If you think you are capable of doing your own hair and makeup on that big day, give it a try! It will save you some money!

4. DIY your gift another shot at DIY could be for your gift. Everyone loves a nice homemade gift. Check out this pinterest board for some great homemade wedding gift ideas!

Being a bridesmaid is a fantastic honor. Don’t let money stand between you standing next to your best friend when she ties the knot! Try out these tips to save a few bucks while still having a blast and looking great!

Introducing: Carley Event Consulting

Formally, JenzCarli is excited to introduce…

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As long as we both shall live

Photo: Brown Fox Calligraphy
Photo: Brown Fox Calligraphy

You’re standing at the alter with your soon to be spouse. Everyone has their eyes on you as you are about to express your love and promises to the person standing across from you. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Writing vows should be an enjoyable experience where you are able to talk about your feelings and profess your promises to the love of you life.

When writing your vows there are a few things to consider. A vow is a promise to the person you are going to be spending the rest of your life with. It serves as an expression of love through a string of lifelong promises.

The beginning process to writing vows can be a little scary and overwhelming. How do you properly express everything you want to say within the a certain amount of time? The first step would be to BRAINSTORM.  Think of all the feelings and experiences that you have felt and shared with this person. The things you appreciate about that person, things you miss about them when they’re gone. Once you start the writing process remember to AVOID OVERTHINKING. If you focus on saying how you truly feel and being honest you don’t need to overthink and sugarcoat what you have to say.

A tip for writing your own voices is to PLANIt is important to prepare the length of your vows, the tone etc. Do you want to go for laughs or tears? Short and sweet, or long and emotional? Planning out the type of vows you will be writing is key, and will keep that part of your wedding stress-free! Vows are an important which is why we need to PRACTICE. Even if you think you have these vows down it is still very important to go over what you are going to say and how you are going to say it!

Found on brit.co
Found on brit.co